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TIANB - The Voice of Tourism in New Brunswick

For more than thirty years, TIANB has been an instrumental part of the New Brunswick tourism industry, enabling its members to speak with a single, united voice on the most pressing issues affecting them. Creating a strong and vibrant industry requires teamwork, partnership, and collaboration. Together, we can achieve new summits for our industry and your business!

National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21

National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, celebrates the heritage, diverse cultures and achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

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Innovative pilot project will connect newcomers with jobs in the hotel industry

Addressing barriers to employment is an important step to ensuring the successful settlement and integration of all newcomers, including refugees.

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Learning the Tricks of the Travel Trade

Canada’s vibrant tourism industry employs one in ten Canadians who eagerly welcomed a record 20.8 million international visitors to our shores in 2017

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