The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB) is the leading advocate for tourism issues in the province of New Brunswick. As a representative and industry driven organization, the Association provides leadership and direction, working with partners and stakeholders at the Provincial, Atlantic and National levels to ensure the continued success of a competitive, progressive and sustainable business environment, fostering health and sustained growth to the New Brunswick tourism industry.

TIANB remains at the forefront by:

  • being a strong voice for the tourism industry in NB
  • providing relevant information and networking opportunities to its members, shaping and sustaining a vision of tourism
  • working to promote tourism as a career and therefore, contributing to reduce the labour shortage in the world's fastest growing industry
  • offering a wide range of nationally recognized training programs and services
  • offering valuable benefits that can help reduce the operating costs of running a business.

TIANB tackles every issue by following a few simple principles:

  • By working closely with our members
  • By establishing solid partnerships with key stakeholders
  • By defending our industry's fundamental needs
  • By having a short, medium and long term vision
  • By making sure our results match our objectives: One Clear Stand, One Clear Voice!

Our core activities evolve around:

  • Advocacy and Leadership
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Inclusion and Direction
  • Shaping and Sustaining a Vision of Tourism
  • Consultation and Communication
  • Annual Events
  • Making the Tourism Industry's Voice Heard
  • Priorities and Relevance
  • Training and Professional Development for better Recruitment, Retention and Productivity
  • Improving your presence on the Web
  • Working towards reducing labour shortage