TIANB prides itself as being the leading advocate for tourism issues in New Brunswick. This is a critical role for the NB tourism industry. Partnerships with alliances and affiliates have allowed us to lead and shape the future of our industry. During the past few years, TIANB has been involved in a number of advocacy issues affecting the industry's competitiveness. Our involvement with 3 levels of government as well as with our stakeholders has allowed us to significantly enhance the profile of the tourism industry.


  • TIANB played an active role in the consultation process put forward by the Department of Tourism and Parks in developing a new tourism strategy, and will continue to be active as TAP rolls out the strategy to the industry;
  • TIANB leads the TIANB/TAP Marketing Committee and Product Development Committee;
  • TIANB is invited to participate in the Provincial Government Pre-Budgetary discussions;
  • TIANB worked with the NB Self-sufficiency task force to have the industry recognized as a major economic contributor and revenue generator;
  • TIANB works with the Department of Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour to develop and offer training programs that meet the true needs of the tourism operators throughout the province;
  • TIANB actively participates in a number of provincial initiatives, such as the review of the Tourism Development Act to create a more competitive tourism environment and ensure quality and standards. This specific file led to the incorporation of minimal requirements criteria as part of the licensing process for accommodation establishments.


  • TIANB participates on the Management and Marketing Committees of the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP);
  • TIANB represents the NB tourism industry on the Atlantic Canada Tourism Caucus;
  • TIANB is an active partner in the TourismTechnology.com program, a strategic partnership between the Tourism Atlantic branch of ACOA, the Atlantic Provincial tourism industry associations, and the Atlantic Provincial tourism departments to enhance the competitiveness of the region's tourism industry through improved technology adoption;
  • TIANB represents the NB tourism industry on the Atlantic Canada Showcase, a buyer seated marketplace designed especially for the motorcoach, group, F.I.T. and specialty travel industry;
  • TIANB actively participates in a number of projects, such as the steering committee (as co-chair) to see the Fundy Region designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Site.


  • TIANB continues to work with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) on key issues affecting Canada's competitiveness as a tourism destination. The national issues were highlighted in the TIAC Report; TIANB will continue to support TIAC on these important issues by ensuring New Brunswick Members of Parliament are aware of the tourism issues;
  • TIANB also works closely with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) to facilitate and coordinate human resource development activities and products which support a globally competitive and sustainable tourism industry. TIANB actively participates on the CTHRC board and as its NB representative.