TIANB prides itself as being the leading advocate for tourism issues in New Brunswick. This is a critical role for the NB tourism industry. Partnerships with alliances and affiliates have allowed us to lead and shape the future of our industry. Our involvement with 3 levels of government (Provincial, Atlantic and National) has allowed us to significantly enhance the profile of the tourism industry.

Strengthen, Sustain and Maximize

TIANB’s Board Priorities

 The priorities provide the Board with wide-ranging directions for the future and are the roadmap from which the Board will develop a detailed annual action plan to help us achieve our industry objectives.

  1. Pursue targeted reforms that provide for the advancement and implementation of a provincial legislated marketing levy in New Brunswick. TIANB will advocate for a Tourism Marketing Fund (TMF) on the conviction that it’s an effective means of accessing new revenue to support a program of sustainable funding for enhanced destination marketing throughout New Brunswick.
  1. Facilitate awareness of the importance of additional investments in the tourism labour market. The overall aim is to create a more resilient and inclusive labour market.
  1. Work collaboratively with ATAC and indigenous organizations in NB to support Aboriginal cultural products and experiences. TIANB believes in growing Aboriginal Tourism Businesses and Job Opportunities in NB.


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