On December 3, 2009 a meeting was held with the past Minister of Business NB, the Honourable Victor Boudreau, and his Deputy Minister Bill Levesque to discuss priorities for the New Brunswick tourism industry. The following 5 priorities were shared with the Minister by TIANB:

  1. Programs are needed to support the New Brunswick Tourism Strategy;
  2. A program is needed to support the development or enhancement of virtual infrastructures ie. Website, IT training, social media, etc.;
  3. A program is required for the enhancement of tourism infrastructures including accommodations, food service establishments, attractions, festivals and events including soft costs) and programs to encourage investments to assist people wanting to move and open shop in New Brunswick;
  4. A program must be implemented  to assist in the employment of staff (soft costs) including the expansion of the regular, seasonal and summer student workforce.
  5. Programs must be implemented to facilitate and encourage public-private partnerships.