The importance of quality and a "quality experience" are synonymous when speaking of a vacation and  travel experience. Discussions among industry operators and government representatives from across the Atlantic region continue to identify the need for a way to "measure" the quality of an experience or the satisfaction of a visitor at an accommodation, restaurant or attraction. Based on this premise, TIANB offered its services to take over the administration of this Pan-Atlantic program that will provide tourism operators with to-the-minute information and statistics. In addition, so as to ease the transition and to ensure that the accommodation operators (roofed and campgrounds) in New Brunswick get a taste of this invaluable tool, the Department of Tourism & Parks have partnered with TIANB to cover the participation fee for the first year for all accommodations in the province. As the accommodation is the first phase of the program development, the plan is to extend its reach into other sectors of our industry. A presentation of the program was made at the TIANB 2010 AGM.