TIANB continues to lobby on behalf of the membership about the negative impact of the minimum wage policy adopted by the province under the previous government. Bruce McCormack, of Downtown Fredericton Inc., recently raised the issue with a quote in the October 5, 2010 edition of the Daily Gleaner. "One thing that is hurting small business confidence in Fredericton is the rising minimum wage rate, said McCormack. "It's really having an impact on the service industry, restaurant and bars particularly" he said. "Those increases make up a big part of their budget." McCormack said Downtown Fredericton and the Tourism Association of NB raised the issue of a lower wage with the former Graham government for new employees while they are being trained and employees who receive a lot of tips. "There should be some sort of differential." he said. This is the kind of partnership that TIANB actively works on to make sure your voice is heard. The more people we can have at the table means the stronger our voice will be. Building partnerships is a key strategy for TIANB as we continue to be your voice for tourism in NB.

In November of 2009, the government of New Brunswick announced the cumulative increase to the NB Minimum Wage to the $10.00 per hour level in 2011. As this was a surprise to a lot of our members and to TIANB as well, a letter was sent to the Minister of Post-secondary Education Training and Labour, the honourable Donald Arseneault, to share our concerns with this considerable increase as well as recommending tip and training differentials to mitigate the impact for our tourism operators. In pursuing our representation efforts, a meeting of business owners' organizations (Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association, the Conseil Économique du NB, National Golf Club Owners Association, Downtown Fredericton, Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors) was initiated by TIANB to organize a coalition and to elaborate strategies to represent this issue to the NB Government.