Called upon to provide the opinion of the tourism industry by the provincial government, TIANB surveyed its board members and provided feedback that essentially is composed of possibilities and anticipations. This is simply because the information provided, or lack thereof, would make it impossible for any lobbying organization to form a clear and concise position on such matter.

We would very much like to see the details of the proposed changes, as we all know; the Devil is in the details. We are concerned, along with other industry groups, that this change in the EI program may lead to negative consequences for our rural communities, our seasonal operations, our year round operations and TIANB's constant drive to make sure staff are getting high quality training.

TIANB is concerned by the lack of consultation about these changes and the impacts they may bring if not carefully and thoughtfully handled. We can certainly respect the difficulty of updating regulations and rules for a country as big and widespread as Canada, however, the realities of one province over another certainly differs and this should be the foundation of any government initiatives and it only through a wide ranging series of consultations will we avoid making detrimental impacts on hard working Canadians, coast to coast to coast.

The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick acts as the provincial tourism and hospitality organization of the province, existing to fulfill the needs of its 700 members, in cooperation with both private and public sector partners. As a representative and industry driven organization, the Association provides leadership and direction, aiming towards making tourism and hospitality the leading and most viably sustainable industry in New Brunswick. We actively work with government and industry to achieve prosperity for people in New Brunswick. We encourage our Provincial leaders to continue to push for pragmatic change when it may be needed and we encourage our Federal leaders with the courage to listen and work with all stakeholders to create a better system, not one that is going to create new and detrimental problems for our industry and our province.