Provincial Lobbying

Tourism Development Strategy

TIANB lobbied the Department of Tourism & Parks for the industry's participation in the development of a Tourism Development Strategy. For the first time in history, the industry and government sat in the same room and developed the framework for a strategy that was vetted with the industry in consultation sessions held around the province.

For the first time since TIANB's inception 26 years ago, we were part of the process and we are proud to say that you are the co-owners of the Tourism Strategy.

The strategy targets three areas for development, and each has a set of objectives:

  • customer attraction and engagement;
  • investment and infrastructure; and
  • human resource development.

An action committee will be set up to implement the strategy. It will comprise of five appointees from TIANB and another five from the provincial government. The committee will report to the minister of tourism and parks and to the president of TIANB.
As a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of tourism operators throughout the province, we are fully comitted to the success of this strategy and are committed to invest the necessary resources.

 New Brunswick Tax reform

In representing the interests of its membership, TIANB discussed with the NB Legislative Committee on the 2008 Tax reform. It was suggested by TIANB that the proposed 2% increase to the HST tax system would have had major implications on our sector of the NB economy and would have resulted in an unfair price point advantage for our competing neighboring provinces. TIANB's position on this issue was heard loud and clear and has been noted in the Legislative Committee's report to the government.

Insurance Bureau of Canada

As a result of continuous lobbying efforts by sectors plagued with increasing insurance premiums and the unavailability of specific insurance products, a Task Force was created by the Insurance Bureau of Canada to discuss the availability and affordability of insurance products. As inherent risk forms the basis of premium rate setting, it was suggested by TIANB to develop a Risk Management program to be endorsed and supported by insurance companies. This new tool available from the Website provides businesses with risk management implementation tools that can be used to shop and negotiate more appropriate coverage access to better premium rates. Further to this, in an effort to better meet the needs of its members, TIANB has developed or acquired a number of training programs for the service and food and beverage sector,  that have resulted in reducing insurance premiums for a number of its members.

Property tax on Campgrounds

Following a tax reassessment of campground properties in NB, which resulted in the implementation of an excess of 400% property tax increase to campground owners, TIANB lead the lobby effort for the development of a tax rebate program. A three year program that provided 75% tax rebate for the first year, 50% for the second year and 25% for the third and final year.

Smoking Ban

TIANB collaborated with the Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association (CRFA) and CFIB in an attempt to minimize the loss of operators on the implementation of a smoking ban. TIANB's position was to represent the interests of bar operators who wanted a flexible transition period so they could adapt to the new market.

Tourism development fund

TIANB lobbied the previous Conservative and current Liberal governments for the creation and implementation of a funding assistance program for the development of tourism products in NB. After the election of 2003, the new government announced a $100 million fund to address the product development shortage in the province of NB.

Tourism Marketing Budget

TIANB lobbied the government for the increase of the Marketing budget so as to be more competitive in the marketplace. The provincial marketing budget was increased by $3 million in 2008 alone, and tourism is now part of the strategy to reach self-sufficiency.


TIANB in collaboration with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business lobbied ANBL to enable licensees to purchase stock with the use of a Credit Card.


  • Participated in consultation in the development of a new regulation.
  • Lobbied to allow two businesses on same sign to reduce cost to operators.
  • Lobbied to extend the distance of signs between business and location of sign from 25 km to 65 km.

Federal Government Lobbying

Visitor Rebate Program

TIANB's representation of NB in the national lobby effort to reverse the Federal Government's decision to cancel the Visitor Rebate Program resulted in the development and introduction of a rebate program for foreign convention and tour incentive rebates called FIT (Fully Independent Travellers) currently available from the Government of Canada.

Ready-to-Work training program

In order to accommodate the older participant age group and the industry at the same time by minimizing the stress to operators to finding qualified employees, TIANB lobbied the Federal government to remove the age limit of 29 years old on the funded program. This resulted in enabling every training organization in Canada like TIANB the opportunity to attract individuals reentering the work force or a more mature employment ready group to work in our tourism establishments. This is one of many other programs offered at TIANB available to addressing the skilled labour shortages.

Best Practices

TIANB, in partnership with its Atlantic counterparts, lobbied ACOA for the development and implementation of the Best Practices Missions program that enables operators from the four Atlantic Provinces to travel to many locations throughout Canada, the US and Europe to see firsthand the best practices in various disciplines of tourism and hospitality. The program managed by TIANB still continues today and provides 50% funding to qualified participating businesses for registrations fees, travel and accommodation.

Marine Liability Act

With the amendment of Part IV of the Marine Liability Act from Transport Canada, the tourism water-based activity sector was excessively impacted. The main impact for the tourism sector brought on by the amendment was the inability for water based operators to use liability responsibility waivers as a deterrent to frivolous court battle - a risk management tool. This measure caused a significant increase in liability and responsibility insurance coverage, hence driving smaller operators out of business. By participating in discussions and meeting between with a National coalition and Transport Canada, TIANB was able to represent the concerns of its membership. Recent news from the Parliament revealed that Transport Canada has again modified the Act to remove the tourism water based activity sector therefore allowing the use of waivers. This latest amendment has received 3rd and final reading and is currently awaiting Royal Ascent.


TIANB, in partnership with its Atlantic counterparts, lobbied ACOA for the development and implementation of a mentoring program to assist operators with the development and enhancement of Internet and social media marketing tools. In place since 1999, the program provides the expertise of a Technology Resource Coordinator in each of the TIAs at the service of the industry to undergo an personalized review of electronic marketing tools and provide mentoring sessions to enhance presence on the Web.