Mentoring Session Feedback

This mentoring session was excellent. Jason was very helpful in answering any questions I had and offering solutions for my website and social media (Facebook), improvements that will help my B&B. The analysis of my website was very helpful and the training session gave me a plan for improving my website and social media activities. Thank you.

I highly recommend this technical person. Excellent service.

The instructor took his time and confirmed that each step was understood before he continued, he encouraged us to perform each task until we were comfortable with it, he listened and offered constructive feedback, our session was tailored precisely to our needs. I think your organization is affordable and great quality. [Jason] answered all our questions and provided us with the confidence and ideas we need to promote our organization the way we've always wanted! Just wish we knew about you … read more
One on one discussion, personalized to what my business needs are. Jason had a booklet prepared for me with ideas and areas for me to work on that he feels will be beneficial to me. It was relaxed informative and I had the opportunity to ask questions as the came up. I left our meeting feeling comfortable for the information I received and confident that I can maintain and improve on the areas we addressed.

I really enjoyed this training with Mr Farris. He is patient and very competent and ensures that we understand what he presents us.

Deux îles, mille trésors
Lamèque et Miscou, NB
One on one. Knowledgeable. I was extremely satisfied overall. A very precious resource both for new and existing business wanting to optimize their internet advertizing.

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Workshop Feedback

Lots of variety - both technical and creative tips were covered. Also, lots of information on equipment was helpful.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
The trainer presented the topic well with effective, concrete, hands-on examples. -Wade Hallihan, City of Miramichi

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
The training was very interactive and the trainers were excellent!

Claudine Pohl
Aquila Tours
Saint John, NB
Email Marketing workshop.
This was an informative workshop that got me excited about making and editing videos. Thank you.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
Enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about social media video editing and the resources necessary to make it happen.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
Thorough discussion and information for basic to advanced users. Great opportunity to learn new techniques for online movie and video production.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.

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