Mentoring Session Feedback

This training is great for everyone! Very informative to my needs - the instructor adapted easily. For me, it was great knowledge to have to be better prepared to face this web designer world and language! I know now what to look for and ask for in my web development and social media campaign.

Expérience Acadie
(Commission du tourisme acadien du Canada atlantique)
Moncton, NB
One on one. Knowledgeable. I was extremely satisfied overall. A very precious resource both for new and existing business wanting to optimize their internet advertizing.

I highly recommend this technical person. Excellent service.

What I liked best about the training was the one-on-one opportunity to discuss specific needs. Great insight into the tools that can help support and grow our business. Thank you!

This mentoring session was excellent. Jason was very helpful in answering any questions I had and offering solutions for my website and social media (Facebook), improvements that will help my B&B. The analysis of my website was very helpful and the training session gave me a plan for improving my website and social media activities. Thank you.

I would highly recommend this training to all my colleagues!!

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Workshop Feedback

I liked that this was short and to the point. No wandering. It was a great workshop for marketers to make their own content.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
Truly a great training session! Many tips that are much appreciated. Merci!

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
I liked seeing what the different possibilities are with the different software options that are available. TIANB offers high quality programs that can be used in any workplace! Our membership is well worth the small investment.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
This was an informative workshop that got me excited about making and editing videos. Thank you.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
Very informative! Interaction kept the day fun! The presenter was very kind and well prepared. Overall it was a great learning experience! Would *highly* recommend!!

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
The best part about this training was applying the materials in a hands-on manner. Great workshop. Very informative! -Chad Gautreau, City of Moncton

Video Production & Marketing workshop.

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