Mentoring Session Feedback

I felt the steps were explained clearly, easy to follow instructions and I liked the fact that Jason took the time to ensure I knew how everything worked.

The highly technical issues were done and I did not need to spend 3 days figuring it out. There just wasn't enough time since we could have kept going! :-) I would recommend this training to anyone, independent of knowledge since the trainer is highly adaptable.
Petit Rocher, NB
Hi Jason. It has been a bit since I worked on the web page. I have updated menus etc and had to make changes and redo links form the drop down menu. I was not fast at it but I got it and it works! Just wanted to say thank you. It really builds confidence to be able to do those updates. Happy Canada Day!

I would highly recommend this training to all my colleagues!!

We really liked the communication skills learned. Building the website so quickly and being able to feel confident managing it.

Cape Tormentine Beach Campground
Cape Tormentine, NB
The Atlantic Salmon Museum had asked for Jason's help in critiquing our current website with a view to making widespread improvements. The three-hour consultation we had with him was both informative AND enjoyable, and will help us a great deal as we move forward to the creation of an even better website. We had fun while learning a great deal in a very brief period of time. We were able to ask all the questions we wanted and Jason always had answers that will be extremely helpful in our future … read more

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Workshop Feedback

Enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about social media video editing and the resources necessary to make it happen.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
I liked the small group and relaxed atmosphere. It is amazing that there will be a Facebook group to bounce questions off.

Email Marketing workshop.
I liked that this was short and to the point. No wandering. It was a great workshop for marketers to make their own content.

Video Production & Marketing workshop.
The training was very interactive and the trainers were excellent!

Claudine Pohl
Aquila Tours
Saint John, NB
Email Marketing workshop.
These training courses are great. This is my second one and I have actually used what I've learned.

Craig Wilkins
Director of Sales & Marketing
Delta Hotels, Saint John
Email Marketing workshop.
Learning how to market my business via email... priceless! I liked learning techniques to create, send, and market email, and learning the importance of segmenting. Would highly recommend for any business that wants to grow!

Natalie Sexton
Daniel St. Louis Photography
Moncton, NB
Email Marketing workshop.

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