International Certification in World-Class Customer Service Training

Distingush Your Business:

WHr2 cmykBuilding on the Legacy of Customer Service Excellence
Delivering world-class customer service training since 1985, Tourism British Columbia introduced the WorldHost Program to host the world for Expo '86.

Since then WorldHost has become an international success story with close to one million people trained around the world.

Today WorldHost continues the legacy, teaching individuals how to provide excellent customer service experiences that help tourism-related businesses keep visitors coming back.

Impress Your Customers:

No matter what business you are in, providing exceptional service is the key to success.
WorldHost workshops teach the core skills required to deliver an effective and memorable customer service experience.

Workshop Features

  • Relevant, up-to-date course material
  • Delivered by experienced, certified trainers who make learning enjoyable
  • Workshops are animated and interactive to ensure effective learning
  • On-the-job examples used to demonstrate hands-on application of new skills
  • Cost-effective - to maximize training resources

Empower Your Team:

Outstanding Service = Outstanding Results
It's a fact. Providing exceptional customer service is the most cost-effective way to build your business, generate goodwill and keep your customers coming back.


"It was interesting to learn that 68 per cent of customers will change from one business to another in search of better service when perceived to be inadequately treated. Another seven per cent of customers will change businesses on the recommendation of friends. This means an astonishingly 75 per cent of customers will obtain what they need elsewhere in search of better service. An investment in the time taken to be aware of the customers and people we serve and provide excellence in customer service provides the opportunity to not only maintain your current customer base but also attract the seven per cent of customers who are leaving other businesses on the recommendation of friends. Not a bad return on investment since all it takes is time, energy and attention to detail to reap profit rewards".

Market research clearly indicates a desire for greater flexibility in off the shelf training products. In response to the need for increased flexibility and specialization of the generic curriculum package, TIANB provides 'customized' workshops.

The generic topics include: the importance of making customers/people feel welcome, the effects of social media when dealing with difficult situations, effective communication and the power of listening in order to understand the needs and wants of your customer and are supported by Maritime specific and other information. The workshop can also be customizable per region and/or occupation.

Suitable for:

  • Those currently working in a tourism occupation, heart of the house and frontline
  • Those in any service industry
  • Those entering into any tourism occupation
  • Those performing sales of any kind
  • Supervisors, managers and directors

Per participant $110 plus HST for TIANB members. $175 plus HST for non-members.

For Information on Training Services and Products:

Please Contact TIANB Direct:: 506-458-5646

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