TIANB would like to invite its members to take advantage from the Canada-NB Job Grant and increase their return on Investment (ROI) by more than 160%. The Canada-NB Job Grant is an employer driven program that invests in the skills development and employment needs of the workforce. Employers determine what training is needed, who participates and which provider will deliver the training. The Canada-NB Job Grant Program is part of the Canada Job Fund Agreement. The Canada-NB Job Grant program is an employer driven program that invests in the skills development and employment needs of the workforce. Governments’ contribution is for two-thirds of the eligible training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per training participant, per fiscal year. The employer pays a minimum of one-third of the eligible training costs.

Quantitative analysis

UPSKILL Essentials to Excel (a training research project that was completed by SRDC, 2014)  results can be used to estimate the return on investment from workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) training under various cost-sharing scenarios including those in the Canada Job Grant. Presents the return on investment from UPSKILL for participating firms and government under different distributions of the $2,535 in program delivery costs. The first panel presents the scenario where employers bear the full costs resulting in the “benchmark” of 23 per cent ROI for firms. The second panel presents a cost-sharing alternative similar to that under the proposed Canada-NB Job Grant, where governments bear 2/3 of the cost of workplace training and employers cover 1/3. Under this scenario, the ROI from the LES training for an average firm is over 160 per cent, more than seven times the benchmark scenario.

  • Scenario planning

ROI under cash sharing alternatives

 Scenarios for cost-sharing Net benefit before Program costs   Total Program costs Total Net benefit   Return on investment

Benchmark: 100% employer-sponsored

Firms (100% of workplace delivery cost)

$3,112 $2,535  $577   23%

Canada-NB Job Grant

Firm (1/3 delivery + release time)

 $2,738 $1,037   $1,701  164%

Qualitative Analysis

Understanding success factors: who benefits and in what context

UPSKILL results have shown that investments in workplace LES training can generate positive returns for both workers and firms, where benefits significantly outweigh the costs of training. These financial benefits arise from a number of positive impacts observed on UPSKILL participants including increases in their skills and improvements in job performance. Increasing employees’ performance and productivity unlocks bottom line profits without adding any more work.

Eligible Training Programs

  • TIANB's Technology Training
  • TIANB’s Food Safety Training
  • TIANB’s WorldHost
  • TIANB’s Skills Gain Training
  • TIANB’s Responsible Beverage
  • emerit Professional Certifications such as:
    • Bartender Professional Certification
    • Director of Housekeeping Professional Certification
    • Event Coordinator Professional Certification
    • Event Management International Professional Certification
    • Event Manager Professional Certification
    • Food and Beverage Manager Professional Certification
    • Food and Beverage Server Professional Certification
    • Front Desk Agent Professional Certification
    • Hotel General Manager Professional Certification
    • Housekeeping Room Attendant Professional Certification
    • Line Cook Professional Certification
    • Retail Sales Associate Professional Certification
    • Supervisor Professional Certification
    • and many more… 

Some of our members have already benefited from this program. TIANB encourages and would like to see more members to benefit from Canada-NB Grant in order to reduce their staff training costs and increase their profitability.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mehmet if you require more information and would like to apply for Canada-NB Job Grant.