How well do you manage your workforce?

As a business it is important to stay informed about what other competitors are paying in wages, benefits, and short & long-term supply and demand projections.  Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council’s has informative information and statistics that can assist you in your strategic and corporate planning.

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Managing your workforce will give your business a competitive advantage, especially when labour and skills are limited. Assessing the effectiveness of your current HR practices can help ensure that you attract and retain a qualified workforce. Even if your operation is too small to employ a dedicated Human Resource professional, it is possible to manage your workforce well.

Take this 20 minute self-assessment to find out how you are doing in:

•    human resource planning
•    hiring and keeping qualified staff
•    occupational health and safety
•    working with unions

Take advantage of practical HR templates, checklists, training products and other tools developed in collaboration with industry to meet the needs of small and large tourism operators.

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